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Diablo Data is proud to announce Gunslinger® - a suite of monitoring and provisioning utilities tailor-made for Service Providers supporting residential cable modem networks. When your service is monitored by Gunslinger® your team has amazing visibility into the health of your cable modem network. The Gunslinger® Cable Node Monitor tracks the health of DOCSIS CMTS and Cable Modem deployments, providing fast triage and trend analysis of the DOCSIS RF network environment.

Empower your team to react swiftly, often before customers notice problems with their service. When physical conditions change in the network you can see the scope of impact they have on your customers service. Use the Gunslinger Pass/Fail tool to assess the health of a new modem installation before you leave the customers home, or test the service of an existing customer to pinpoint problems with power levels or signal quality. You can even save the test results for later review.

Your DOCSIS system health is polled hourly and stored in an SQL database so you can:

  • Review the past health of an entire service group at once and discover when a change was first detected
  • Visualize your upstream signal health with hourly charts
  • Reveal upstream error rates that show how effective your CMTS is at fixing transmission errors
  • See what types of modems are active on your service groups
  • Query network traffic stats for the CMTS reportable interfaces

Gunslinger can provision your modems and customer premise equipment too. The Quartermaster module provisions cable modems with a default class of service or an upgraded class of service that you provision. You can provision them using the Gunslinger GUI or through an API from your billing system.

Gunslinger performs an automated backup of your implementation to the Diablo Data Hub. We can restore your deployment remotely using this backup. Diablo Data offers Tier-3 service too - we have your back!


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